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The History of Brickell Miami

Brickell Miami is one of the most popular spots in South Florida. Every day people are searching for things to do in Brickell Miami. However, how did this amazing place become the thriving metropolis that it is today? Take a look at the history of Brickell Miami and its founders.

First Inhabitants

The earliest inhabitants of Brickell Miami were the Tequesta Indians. Very little is known about them, but we do know that they lived in South Florida for over 2,000 years. The earliest evidence we have of this settlement is located on Brickell Point, at the Miami Circle archeological site. 

The Miami Circle, of course, is still standing today. It is a memory of where a Tequesta hut was once erected, though what remains now are a circle of post holes. At one time, the Miami Circle faced the Tequesta Indian burial mound, which was another piece of history that attested to their inhabitance. This burial mound was located in the heart of downtown Miami. Unfortunately, it was destroyed when Flagler’s Royal Palm Hotel was constructed.

Part of the reason that we know so little about the Tequesta and have so few pieces of evidences of their existence is because they had long since left Florida by the time that the first pioneers arrived in Miami. The first pioneers were homesteaders and they established different settlements all around Florida’s peninsula. These pioneers led quiet lives, dictated by rural farming and small town living until a railroad was built by Henry Flagler that led directly through the heart of South Florida.

Brickell Family

Of the early pioneering homesteaders, some of the most famous are the Brickells. This humble family consisted of William and Mary Brickell and their children, who came to the Miami River in 1871, to build a home and trading post. Seeing the opportunity, they purchased much of the land they found and established their trading post on what is now Fifth Street and Brickell Avenue. From this post, the family was able to trade with the Miccosukee and Seminoles who used the Miami River to reach them. 

When Henry Flagler was building his railroad, the Brickells seized the opportunity and negotiated with Flagler to extend the railroad down to Miami. They exchanged part of their land with him to make this happen and, as a result of the successful introduction of the railroad, found all of their property to be incredibly valuable. As the family eased into the twentieth century, Mary Brickell took over the business and multiplied their wealth, cementing their legacy as one of the founding families of Miami.

Brickell Today

Brickell continues to follow in the footsteps of its namesake and develop further and further. With the advent of condominium towers, apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, and restaurants, it is no surprise that Brickell is one of the most popular spots in all of Florida. Just last year, Brickell welcomed Riverside Miami, a luxurious space that is home to several restaurants overlooking the majesty of the Miami River and all its history.

Looking for Things To Do in Brickell Miami?

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