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How to Plan a Corporate Party in Miami

Looking to have a corporate party in Miami? Check out these tips on how to plan it.

Get in Touch With an Event Planner

Does your company have an event team on staff? Do you need an event planner? Answer these questions before you proceed. It may be helpful to think about how many people are going to be attending the event. For larger events, an event planner may be the more prudent option because they know the event industry and can take care of logistics that may be outside the scope of the in-house event team. With smaller events, an in-house team may be able to coordinate effectively if they are given enough time.

Select Your Venue

Before you can proceed with any of the finer details of the event, you need to book a venue. Your venue is going to be entirely dependent upon how many people are attending your event and what the purpose of the event is. A small event that is meant to be used for team-building activities is going to require a very different venue than the launch of a new product where a huge crowd is invited. Consider these things before you begin investigating venues then speak to the coordinator of the venues that you’ve narrowed down to see it in person and ask questions about what they offer.

Hire Your Photographer

Any good corporate event deserves to be photographed. These photographs can be used for the company website, newsletters, or other branding materials that display the company in a positive light. As such, you’ll want to hire a photographer with plenty of experience dealing with corporate events. Shop around for a few and expect that at least some of them will be booked on the day of your event. Look through their portfolios and speak to them about their pricing. Make sure to ask if they do videography or if they can recommend a videographer that they work well with.

Plan Your Decor

Decor is an important part of any successful event. You want to make sure that your decor stands out for all the right reasons. Because of this, it can be helpful to theme your event. Theming gives you a more defined understanding of how to decorate your event and it gives guests something to look forward to visually. Once you have your venue, you can begin to plan out where each piece of decoration will go and where you will try to focus attention.

Choose Your Caterer

Food is a critical part of any event. No one will consider a corporate party a success unless they were impressed by the food. In order to make sure that you deliver, you will want to determine what type of dining experience will be best suited for your event. Once you have this, you can then select a caterer that will suit your needs. Be sure to inquire about bartending if your event is to include alcohol.

Incorporate Company Branding

Because you are hosting a corporate event and not a standard party, you’ll want to make sure that the guests’ focus is always redirected toward the company. You can do this through logos on banners, posters, coasters, or even giveaway merchandise. Shop around for a few quotes from branding websites or local branding companies to get the most for your money.

Hire Entertainment

Will your event have live music or a DJ? Will there be dancers or a performer? Will there be games and will these games have prizes? All of these are great questions to ask yourself as you plan for entertainment at your party. While you will want some form of entertainment for any event, this can vary depending on the number of people attending and the type of event that you are hosting.

Looking for a Corporate Party Venue in Miami?

If you are looking for the perfect corporate party venue in Miami, you don’t have to look any further than Riverside Miami. With stunning vistas and plenty of waterfront space, your guests are sure to have a memorable time. To get in touch with an event coordinator, contact us today at Riverside Miami.